Poland Photography


Jaylen Poland, the face of Poland Photography, is twenty-two years old and a Columbus, Ohio native. He has been doing photography for two years and specializes in outdoor scenery, close-up portraits,  and abstract black and white photos. While his photography began as an outlet for him to display feelings and emotions through his art. It has transformed into so much more. His photography is his lifestyle. A free spirited act of storytelling in an artistic form. It’s a lifestyle that he loves dearly. His main focus for his “canvas” is to help the individual he is working with illustrate their message using his vision.

“Whether you want to present courage, strength, confidence, or you simply want pictures to keep for yourself, my job would not be my job without someone standing in front of my camera. When it’s all said and done as long as my client is satisfied than so am I.” – Jaylen Poland


All photographs for this site are courtesy of Poland Photography. Feel free to reach out to Jaylen and let him know what you think.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @Poland_Photography

Facebook: Jaylen M. Poland

Phone: 614-943-1330






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