If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Dear Eighteen Year Old Me,

You’ve done well so far but there is so much more to be done. You may as well know now that you are going to let a lot of people down in life. What you must know is that it’s okay if you let them down because what’s most important is doing what’s best for yourself. People, especially your elders, have high expectations and dreams of what they want and expect for you. Don’t worry about that, focus on your vision. Understand that people will also let you down. You must love them through this however. Don’t ever think too highly of yourself that you refuse the advice of others. Even a fool can teach you something, you just have to be able to sort through what’s the good and bad. The best jewels come from the worst and lowest of people some times.

You must also know everyone won’t make it. Some people you see on the day to day will soon become people you don’t even find yourself thinking about. Everyone wants to be successful but very few want to put in the necessary grind. That is what will separate you from most.

Also young man fear only God and not failure. Your failures will teach you to be successful. Loses won’t kill unless you let them. It is important you turn them into lessons. Never be afraid to step back from a situation and examine it top to bottom to see where things went wrong. Being a man is not always right. Being a man is standing strong through it all whether right or wrong.

– Sincerely

Someone just looking out

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