Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

By: Jaylen Poland IMG_1935

Women… One of the most complex species to walk this earth. But what makes them so complex ? What makes a woman that much more different from a man? I’d say nothing outside of their monthly bodily change and the fact that they can create a whole human within them.

Someone asked me, “is there a difference between knowing a woman as a woman, and knowing a woman as a person?” My answer. I would have to say no simply because when you get to know a woman, you’ll get to know her as a person. Her flaws. Her dislikes. Her pain. What makes her smile etc., but I do not believe in separating the things that make a woman a person compared to what makes a woman a woman. I’ll put it like this, can you describe your woman as two different people? Or do you just know  enough about her that she has multiple personalities to make up the person she is ?

Ask me about my girlfriend, I’ll tell you like this. She is by far one of the most complex & complicated individuals I know but that’s the thrill of getting to know her. Finding out everything that makes her the woman she is. So I would not say you have a difference between what a woman is and what a person is within a woman. I say you learn the person, to come into contact the type of woman she is.

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