Dear Little Black Boy: Letters From the Spirits of Black Men

Dear Little Black Boy,

I have been in the school systems all week sharing with you all. I have seen you empowered, frustrated, motivated, and energized. Before you run in the streets with your fists up ready to take responsibility for your legacy, let me help you with two key differences that you will encounter and for you to be on the look out for.

It’s going to seem as if things are not fair and your going to expect equality. Well let’s understand that things will never be equal. It’s almost as much of an impossibility as a mule grabbing hold of the carrot placed in front of his face, designed to get the mule to move. Equality is just as damming as assimilation because it has you fighting to conform to the prevailing dominating system here in America that is not designed for you to progress.

Dear little black boy, consider fighting for and expecting justice! See there is power in justice because in justice you have the right to fight for your unique existence and no one has the right to stand in front of you to stop you from achieving what your universe says you deserve.

Dear little black boy, equality has you chasing the carrot others have chosen for you, hoping they will allow you to one day taste the carrot. But justice allows you to find your carrot, plant it in your field, water and harvest it, and then do with the carrot as you desire.

I’m excited that you are empowered in the fight of taking responsibility for your legacy.  Now choose to fight for the prize of equality or justice? It’s your choice.

God bless you,

Jimmie Bell

Public Speaker and former OSU and NFL player


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