Dear Little Black Boy: Letters From the Spirits of Black Men

Dear Little Black Boy,

You are not your environment. You are not the violence, poison, and petulance that surrounds you on a daily basis. You are not the streets. You are not a part of the infection that plagues the neighborhood that you live in.

You are not your struggle.

You are not the sleepless, foodless, loveless days and nights that you have become accustomed to. You are not your pain. You are not your father or mother that mistreated or neglected you. You are not your teachers that told you that you would never amount to anything. You are not the people that scoff at your hopes and dreams.

You are not limited.

You are intelligent. You can achieve whatever you put your mind and heart to. You are influential. You can use your pain and struggles to push a young person through what you have already gone through.

YOU ARE important.

You will be a husband, boss, executive, and father. Those that once scoffed at you will one day look to you for leadership. Your family will look to you for love and protection.

YOU ARE strong.

Because of your experience you will one day be able to shoulder the weight of the world and continue walking down your path.

YOU ARE loved.

There is someone somewhere that is going to need you one day. Don’t waste the life you were given to help others, and use it to cause pain and suffering.

YOU ARE blessed.

You were specifically crafted by your heavenly father for a purpose. Your life will be a blessing to those who are a part of it.

REMEMBER. You are not your struggle. You are not your pain.You are not your environment. And you are not limited.

YOU ARE hope.

YOU ARE love.




Rashawn Marquise

Medical Technician at United States Air Force







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