Dear Little Black Boy: Letters From the Spirits of Black Men

Dear Little Black Boy,

You’re about to grow up in a world that’s corrupt beyond measure. This world you’ll see is going to force you to work harder, it’s meant for you to give more. You’ll see a generation that has been mentally mind fucked by the technology given to them, so instead of going outside and experiencing life, the younger generation gets “experience” from social media. Instagram and how many likes you get per picture. Twitter and how many people thought your tweet was funny. World star, just so you can see what boy got beat on, or what girl got her hair pulled out yesterday, or what super star made what dumb mistake.

In this life, I can promise you, you’re going to make plenty of mistakes. You’re going to make the wrong moves. You’re going to do some things in question. It’s bound to happen and that’s ok, but through every “bad” mistake you make, remember that’s a lesson. A lesson on what NOT to do next time. It hypothetically teaches you to be better next time so that way you do not get the same outcome. And on top of that, life is going to throw you plenty of distractions like women, sex, drugs, peer pressure, etc. and your biggest achievement would be to ignore all of them and put your best interest forward.

Remember to put your self first because no one can look out for you like YOU can. The last thing I’ll say little black boy, is never let anyone classify you as a little black boy. Never let someone classify you by race, let them classify you by talent, by skill. But never suit yourself to be a stereotype because the statistics of “little black boys” are that they (we) don’t even get to see the age of 18. We don’t have talent except sports and selling drugs. We won’t graduate. But those are assumptions. You show these people why you will be the best at any and everything you do and push through life like the “little white boy” sitting right next to you.


Jaylen M Poland

Founder of Poland Photography



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