From A Father to His Daughters

Dear daughters,

Let me start with this. I love you with all my heart. I see your struggle with society, with social media, and the picture the world places in front of your beautiful eyes. Knowing this, the day you were born I dedicated my life to being your rock. It’s hard to do, but it’s worth it to see you girls succeed. To have a strong male role model in your life is necessary for many reasons. One being the direct vision of self, to know your worth isn’t worthless but priceless. To know strength isn’t weakness, and humility isn’t doubt in one’s self. To know how to properly love yourself and to have confidence in that love. Now I’m not perfect. I’ve had trials and tribulation. I’ve done good and bad in this world. I’ve been ashamed. I’ve lost and won. But when I look at you girls I’m proud of the women you’re becoming.

There will be days when you may hate my guts……..I understand.

There will be days when your lost……I will help you find your way.

And there will be a day when you meet someone you truly love and I will be there to give you away with the hope that you have seen the values in that man, I have tried to instill in you.

With all my heart, you girls are my world.

Love DAD xoxo

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