From a Father to His Daughters

Letter to my daughters:

Tiara and Taitana. Daddy was sitting here about to go into the gym and wanted to write you a letter.

You may not see it, but daddy gets up and fights every day! There are 3 things I hope you two grow a habit to fight for also.

The first thing I fight for is my legacy! Girls  your legacy is how you will be remembered for the rest of your life. Babies, never take anything you do or say for granted because it will all shape your legacy. Learn to take responsibility for your own legacy.

The next thing daddy fights for are his dreams! Daddy has some amazing things I hope to accomplish in my lifetime and I must find the courage to fight for them everyday. The reason you guys will have to fight for your dreams is because everything will not work out the way you want in life, things will not appear the way you believe they should, and you will feel as if you may not have what it takes to make the choices to progressively move closer to your dreams. Even with that being said you will still have to find the courage in order to fight for your dreams.

The last thing I fight for everyday babies is my “what if bag”. My what if bag is where opportunities go in my life that I did not put 100% of myself into, and I look back and say “what if”?

So babies, I’m about to go into this gym and work on getting this fat off of me, lol.
Just remember and consider every day those three things to fight for 1) Fight for your legacy, 2) Fight for your dreams, and 3) Fight to live your life with as light as a what if bag as possible.

Daddy loves you two.

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