From a Father to His Children

Letter to my kids:

I want to talk to you about keeping your grass cut, forgiving your neighbors for spreading dandelions in your yard and keeping your own house clean. First, let me explain why you need to keep your grass cut. When you have tall grass in your yard you can’t see the snakes. The snakes are the people in your life who mean to do you no good. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking you can recognize your enemies. The snakes aren’t the ones you know are trying to do you harm. The snakes are the ones you don’t know want to harm you. If you knew they wanted to harm you, you could fight them off. That would be too easy. It’s not that easy. Snakes look like your friends. Snakes look like neighbors, snakes look like classmates, and snakes look like teachers and even look like your family.  When your grass is high, you can’t see them slithering on their bellies. What does tall grass look like? It looks like not being a God fearing person, it looks like getting so caught up in being successful you forget to live, it looks like being too busy working you forget to love, it looks like being greedy, not being educated, being mean spirited, and not allowing others to love you. When you do these things, you block your blessings promised to you by God; thus allowing the snakes in.

Forgiving your neighbors for spreading dandelions in your yard is easy to say. As children we would pick up dandelions at the stage where they look white and blow them into the wind and make a wish. As an adult the wind blows them and the only wish you make is wishing they don’t blow into your yard. What we didn’t know as children was the little white things we were blowing were actually seeds. Everywhere one of the seeds would land, another dandelion would grow. The same thing will happen throughout your life.  People around you will blow their seeds into your yard with the hope that what they want to grow in your life will grow and what they want to die will die. If they plant enough seeds in your life, the things they want will grow and prevent the things you deserve to prosper.  Once you realize someone is doing this you have to forgive them and move past them and that’s really hard to do. Be careful how you respond. Your first thought will be to lash out, get revenge or cry about it. But now that you’re reading this letter before it happens you’ll smile in the face of this awful thing. Everyone will be wondering why you’re smiling … you’re smiling because you’ve treated your lawn and the dandelions from your neighbor’s yard wont prosper in your yard. How do you treat your yard you ask; by staying faithful to God’s word, by keeping good people around you, by keeping money in the bank for a rainy day and by being good to people. In other words “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. Forgive them, but don’t forget what happened.

Lastly, keeping your own house clean. Many people spend all of their time cleaning other people’s house that the dust and dirt piles up in their own house. In laymen’s terms mind your own business and take care of your own house instead of worrying about what other people have or may not have. The saying that it starts at home has many meanings and this is one of them. Take care of your house and make sure your house is in order. Love thy brother and sister. Take care of one another.

Remember God loves you, your mother loves you, and I love you.


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