From a Father to His Sons

Letter to my sons:

As I pondered what I should say to the two of you, many things came to mind. I considered inserting some bible verses or perhaps including some poetry or well-known quotes. Although doing so would allow me to take the “easy way” out of the task at hand, I opted not to follow suit. I instead decided to share a few things that I wish someone would have imparted to me when I was your age, that I came to learn the hard way years later.

During my twenties, I placed far too much emphasis and weight considering the opinions of those who didn’t matter or had little day-to-day influence in my personal life. I held the belief that being “liked” was of far greater importance than being respected and understood.

That if I was overly polite, accommodating, agreeable and available, that it would somehow make me more acceptable and endearing to others. I was also naive in my belief that just because I was genuine and honest in my personal dealings with people, that they would be and behave in the same manner.

I came to understand otherwise. The world that the two of you were born into, has become far more crueler, colder and harsher. Neither of you can ill afford to be as naive as I was, as the price for your being so, could come at a cost higher than either of you can afford to pay.

What I love and admire about the two of you is how kind-hearted, caring and helpful you are and have been since you guys were little boys. Please be aware of those in your surroundings and be mindful that everyone who claims to be your friend, is not.

Understand that there is far more taking place than what your eyes can readily see and your ears can hear. One other thing I wish to impart to the two of you is to place a high value on TIME and allow NO ONE to waste or squander it.

With the recent passing of Prince, it caused me to reflect and realize the finality of my own mortality. I remember the first time I heard his first hit SOFT AND WET as though it was just a few moments ago; but that was almost 40 years ago. As you approach your thirties, you will see first hand what I am telling you two, as time truly waits for nothing and no one. Enjoy your life and never be afraid to take a chance or try to do anything to better your lot in life.

I am so very proud of you two and the quality and caliber of men you have become. I wish the two of you nothing but the best and know that I love you guys more than words could ever say.


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