Perspective. What does that mean to you? Do you see in full picture or just snap shots? Is your perspective clear or blurry? Is your perspective influenced by your experiences, experiences of others, or popular opinion? Can your perspective change?

All fantastic questions that for the most part I often forget to ask myself. When viewing the world I find myself at times sticking with the status quo. Instead of approaching a subject with an open mind I will at times approach it with a prejudged opinion, even more so now, with the influence of social media. Most of what is put in front of my face on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is popular opinion and not necessarily facts. I, like many others,  at times see the world as I “believe it to be” and not “as it is”.

You see, seeing the world as it is and seeing it as you believe it to be are two very different things. Seeing it “as it is” means having a clear perspective of the issues, knowing the facts, and understanding how it affects the individuals involved. Seeing the world as you “believe it to be” is simply seeing the world only as you want to.

Sometimes it’s just easier, safer, more comfortable to live in our own world. To put blinders on and act as if what is affecting someone else doesn’t exist. If we don’t see it, we don’t have to get involved, right? The problem with seeing only what you want to see is that eventually there will be an issue that directly affects you. Then what?

There is a large amount of tunnel vision happening in our society today. There is a disconnect that happens when hard topics need to be discussed. This fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. But how do we ever do the right thing if we aren’t willing to make mistakes and learn from them? I emphasis the LEARN part. Don’t just make the mistake and either a) move on or b) disengage from the conversation. Learn from it, grow, and jump right back in.

For me I believe change starts with communication. It starts with talking about the topics that make you uncomfortable. The subjects you aren’t sure how to bring up, but know you have to. It starts with understanding that not everyone is going to see or understand your side of things. We all have lived are own “truths”. It doesn’t make mine better or worse than yours. It just simply is mine. However, it’s important to speak you’re truth so that others can get a different perspective on the world they live in. If the conversation makes you uncomfortable, great, hard conversations usually aren’t comfortable. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it.

That is what this blog is for. Open, honest, and respectful dialogue. A place for those who have opinions, who have something to say, to speak. Each week I will pick a topic and/or use a topic given to me and respond. I will also have a guest blogger (s) who will give their opinion on the topic. If you have something you’d like to say there is a comment section on each page. HOWEVER, please be respectful in your comments. This should be a safe space to communicate with each other about the things that are affecting you as an individual and things that are affecting any community.